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Private Label

Private label information

Milla ltd. is directed towards scientific work, creating, developing and producing of various products with high biological and ecological standards, i.e. production of innovative products.

We are oriented toward production as the basic type of business, so we leave distribution to quality firms of that profile. We try to create partner relationships with business partners on every market segments, taking new market processes into account. Therefore, we tend to create and position our own product labels and, simultaneously, accept private label arrangements.

The number of Private label arrangements is increased with the development of the market and merging of big distribution chains due to globalization processes. The basic idea of distributors is to place (under their own label) mostly cheap products on the market, using the modern concept of buyer bonding to a known product label, with a higher quality, and yet acceptable price.

In the last decade, in all developed countries, all relevant market factors began using this concept and there is an increasing number of products that come in such arrangements. For small producers, this may be the only way to get into larger markets. Private label arrangements function on all types of goods and are currently most used in frozen food branches, while least used in cosmetic branches.

Private label arrangements represent business relationships between the commissioner and the producer, where the producer makes a special product under predefined conditions, especially for the commissioner. That product is produced and delivered according to the commissioner's demand (concerning design, quantity and price. The commissioner gives his suggestion of an ideal solution or design, product name and suggests its characteristics, giving commitment to order a specific quantity in a specific period of time. The producer makes a commitment to give this specific product only to the original commissioner. Mostly this arrangement is related to exclusive sale and delivery, and the product remains the property of the producer. Most often the commissioner gives his own registered brand, while the producer provides his product and production technology. A production price is arranged and, upon acceptance, the commissioner is free to dispose of the goods by his own will without limitations.

In its efforts to enter the global market, in accordance with its business orientation, we take such private label arrangements for all our products. Since the year 2000. Milla ltd. is a member of the international Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) from Amsterdam.

We have started a private label arrangement with Getro, form Zagreb for our liquid soap and fabric softener. Now we are making a hand cream for Tardi ltd. and liquid soap along with several detergents for Vidan ltd. form Zagreb.
To start a Private label arrangement with Milla ltd. you need to know exactly what sort of product do you want, with what characteristic, design, what quantities and in what period of time would you like to order. Next, you need to fill the application form. Thereafter, we shall contact you with additional questions or send you our offer.


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Private Label

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