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In organization and business conducting, employees and their everyday interactions play a very important role.

The employees of Milla ltd., apart from expert knowledge, have moral and humane values.

The high level of education, participation in decision making and maximal trust, encourage every Milla ltd. employee to fully engage in everyday business activities. Satisfying personal materialistic and social needs of every employee, as well as achieving high living standards, develops their consciousness and a feeling of belonging to a business team of quality individuals.


We are oriented toward creating a synergetic business team of motivated professionals who see their future in business obligation fulfillment and in high positioning of the company on the market.


The company is divided (in an organization sense) into 12 organization units. They represent teams of professionals formed in accordance with the company functions.

  1. Production team, for continual creation, production of products.
  2. Warehouse team, for receiving, giving and storing all types of goods
  3. Communication team, for receiving, sending and processing information and documents, internal communication and team coordination.
  4. Delivery team, for delivery of goods and staff, fleet maintenance.
  5. Sale team, for presenting and selling products form our sale assortments.
  6. Accounting team, for accounting processing of business events and archive.
  7. Purchasing team, for necessary product purchase and purchase market research.
  8. Development team, for creating new and control of existing products, following trends.
  9. Export team, for sales abroad and foreign market research.
  10. Marketing team, for market research, following interactions between the market and Milla ltd, as well as positioned of products, trends and competition and suggestion of measures and actions.
  11. Innovative team, for innovation commercialization.
  12. Directing team, for control over all organization units, company representation, creating politics and strategies, planning and control function of Milla ltd.
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