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A family firm from Zagreb was created as a result of entrepreneurial thinking and actions of Blazenka Hladnik mr. ph. from Zagreb, who, in the year 1990, wanted to take the production and sale of cosmetic products to a higher level.

Blazenka Hladnik mr. ph noticed a blank spot in the market of hygienic-toalette products for dry and sensitive skin, after years of pharmaceutical practice in the City pharmacy in Zagreb. Therefore, in the late 80's she had developed, as a form of additional business and later the firm Milla ltd, over 50 products that are constantly being produced by our own recipes and technologies. All of our products were made to solve some unsolved problem of the market. Because of this, the products have a concept to solve concrete problems of the users. That means they are made of carefully chosen raw materials, very efficient and often multi functional, which is not common for the commercial offer on the market. When such products were excellently accepted by users it became clear that it is possible to make innovative solutions into finalized products and offer them on the market. The constant increase in users and inquiries for new products, i.e. solving concrete problems have dictated development and production assortments of our firm. This set the orientation of our entrepreneurship i.e. a company with high quality products and business conducting, long term business and maximal adjustment to our buyers.

When legal terms made it possible, the firm was founded 15.07.1990. in Zagreb for production and distribution of a dozen products. The first collection of preparative cosmetics with almond oil and without conservations was made in small series for known buyers, giving them always fresh products. The war environment directed our activities to industrial users, so we started creating products and producing special liquid soaps, detergents, hand creams and other products for skin protection during working processes. Therefore, in the early 90's we developed industrial cosmetics and ecological detergents. Apart from developing over 50 products, we have been working intensively on the development of the company, modernization of production and defining all other internal processes. Special attention is devoted to building our own quality system and education of our expert staff. On many innovation exhibitions our products have been represented and graded excellent by international authorities. The company has participated in numerous meetings and other humane public events, which shows our intention to join all modern biological, ecological and humane projects and movements. In the year 2000. again we turn to natural preparative products because of the high demand of this type of product. ISSA hand cream wins 5 gold medals on international innovation exhibitions, and Milla is proclaimed entrepreneur of the year 2000 in competition with innovative companies in Croatia. Then we start to develop our innovative team who accepts and develops innovations which come outside of Milla ltd, and then reforms them, prepares them for the market and makes it into a commercialized product. The development team starts Private label projects, the whole company is orienting toward export.

We are currently ready to meet the demands of dry, sensitive and damaged skin, conservation free products, products without animal elements, multifunctional products and special orders from the aspect of skin nourishment and protection in modern living and working conditions.

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